is a flagship brand of Toda Global Limited. It is a global online market place that seeks to create convenience and money saving opportunities, by bringing out the best bargains the market can possibly offer. is a unique name with amazing meaning.

Toodaa Emotional meaning – Means Love. Love holds an important place in your life and as the saying goes you cannot live without it.

Toodaa Socially – Means Loyalty. In fact you offer and desire support and being listened to from those close to you. This is the most important aspect of business.

Toodaa as a Personality – Means commitment.  Strongly committed towards values. A key pillar in our business model

Toodaa Financially – Means a great Manager. Exactly what we are, a robust platform that manages B to B processes efficiently.

THE BUSINESS MODEL is a platform that has integrated three unique models. It is the first platform globally to successfully integrate wholesale and retail product listing as well as a wide range of vendor listing.

Product range

·        Product/Vendor listing retail

·        Product/Vendor listing wholesale

·        Corporate/Brand listing

·        Advertising

·        Digital Marketing and Content Management for SMEs and Corporates (Social Media and Online)

·        Tech incubation on Toodaahub.



The premier global marketplace


To be the world’s preferred marketplace that efficiently connects buyers to products and services conveniently.

Our core values

1.     Integrity

2.     Trust

3.     Dependability

4.     Efficiency